For information on fees and venues please see sections below

Functional Pilates - : Group Classes

one hour class unless specified otherwise

Monday 9.30am Marcham, Village Hall
Monday 5.30 - 6.30 pm Zoom
Monday 7 - 8 pm McTimoney College of Chiropractic , Abingdon
Tuesday 9am Zoom
Thursday 8.45am Zoom
Thursday 10.15am Marcham, Village Hall

Fees, Venues and Information for each class vary so please see below

Venue: Marcham

Marcham, Village Hall , off Morland Road, OX13 6TY

Fees : £10 per class paid termly 

To Bring:  Since new Covid guidelines you will need to bring a mat and resistance band , you may also wish to bring a block or cushion, blanket and massage ball


Enjoy a class in the comfort of your own home - or whilst on holiday if you have the space and the wifi.

Fees : £7.50 

Ideally have a mat , yoga block or folded blanket /cushion, other props such as resistance bands , massage ball or small weights might be used be can be optional.

Venue: McTimoney College of Chiropractic

1 Kimber Road Abingdon , OX14 1SG . ( near Anytime Fitness and Lidl) 

Fees: £10 paid termly,  drop ins £12 by arrangement 

To bring: a mat , may also wish to bring blocks or a cushion,  blanket and drinking water.


Classes are done in socks or barefoot.  Please arrive 5 mins before class start and either use a massage ball or settle quietly in your mat ready to start.