For information on fees and venues please see sections below


one hour class unless specified otherwise

Monday 9.10am, 10.20am Marcham, Manor Farm
Monday 6.45-7.50pm St Helens and St Katherines school, Abingdon
Wednesday 7-8.15pm Abingdon McTimoney college
Thursday 8.15am, 9.30am, 10.45am Marcham, Manor Farm

Fees, Venues and Information for each class vary so please see below

Venue: Marcham

Marcham, Manor Farm , Mill Lane OX13 6NZ

Fees : £9.50 per class paid termly only, sorry no drop ins

To Bring: all mats and equipment provided , you may find it useful to bring a mat and perhaps bottle of water.

Abingdon SHSK school,

Farringdon Road, Abingdon 

Fees  £9.50 paid termly drop in possible at this venue £11 per class

To bring:mat , may also wish to bring a blanket and drinking water. Code required for entry to building.

Venue: Abingdon McTimoney College

Abingdon McTimoney College

Fees: £9.50 paid termly drop ins by arrangement £11

To bring: a mat , may also wish to bring a blanket and drinking water.

Sign in at reception and lollow Pilates signs to room.


Classes are done in socks or barefoot.  Please arrive 5 mins before class start and either use a massage ball or settle quietly in your mat ready to start.

Classes at the farm , please ensure you park respectfully , this is a working farm and access may be required for large vehicles.