My daytime classes are strongly Pilates influenced alongside other Functional Movement exercises.  There is an extensive cross over in exercises and Postures between Pilates and Yoga, so its hard to say whats what ! The yogic element of the class to most will be things like breath awareness, standing balances such as tree pose, and Sivasana the relaxation/meditation which ends the class.

The evening classes include some stronger postural elements of Yoga with slightly more challenging Pilates options. You will always be encouraged to practice according with how you feel that day. The aim is always to find a deeper understanding of the body not to beat everyone else in the class!

My intention is to help you develop a confident stable foundation so you can develop your movement efficiently. Body awareness (grounding and spacial awareness), core support , use of the breath and flexibility of the mind are all key elements in this journey.

See class timetable for list of classes, times and venues and costs.

Booking is essential as some classes may be full.

Getting Started

If you are interested in joining a class send me a quick email and we can chat about the possible options. If you are a complete beginner then I occasionally run short beginners courses which you could attend. If this is not possible I recommend a one to one session to introduce you to the exercises/postures and how to approach them. If you have an injury or joint problem you need to manage then we can discuss how you would amend exercises and postures to suit your situation and help manage the condition well.  If you have done Pilates and/or  Yoga before and have no particular concerns then you may be fine to just join up. Anything you are not sure about just get in touch.

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