In my studio in Abingdon marketplace I offer teaching to individuals (or pairs if you wish to bring a friend, partner or relative). In this one to one environment I can adapt the teaching to your particular needs. This may be helping you manage a painful condition ; ensuring you maintain a regular exercise programme to keep you healthy and mobile; or supporting your specific sports training/interest .

I am able to draw on my background in Pilates, Yoga and Therapy and I also have the use of the Pilates reformer and other studio equipment which may enhance your session.


Single session £45 1 hr

Block booking £210 for 5 x 1hr sessions

Initial one to one prior to attending a class £40 for 1hr

Payment by cash , cheque

BACS online accepted for block booking payments

Studio address 5A Market Place , Abingdon

Directions: Behind the Museum between Parasol restaurant and 'Chic it Up" you will see a “Harry Potter style” black door 5A.  Enter here (it may need a shove as often stiff) go along the slightly cluttered corridor to a door on right . Go in here and up the stairs. The door ahead of you at the top of the stairs is a toilet. To the left you will find a couple of chairs and hopefully a sign indicating which door I am. give me a knock and take a seat and I will come out and find you.

If you get lost call me on 07939 523083

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